The Gang



I sometimes place older puppies or adults as pets.  If a young adult is currently for sale or might be for sale in the next year or so, that's noted under her (or his) name. 

Chloe will be available Fall 2019, but only to a home that is an excellent fit for her individual personality and style.

All older puppies / young adults are used to living as pets and well trained.  Not just housetrained (though they are all completely housetrained), but really trained; all the adults have one or more obedience titles.  All come, like my puppies, with health guarantees.  Price would vary according to age.  If you're looking for a wonderful pet, one of my adults might be perfect for you, so read the descriptions carefully and then contact me if you think one of the potentially available dogs is right for you.

Here's the full Anara Gang at the moment:


Pippa  -- Queen of All She Surveys.  Eight performance titles so far, working on her Rally AE . . . and soooo photogenic!

Unfortunately, Pippa had pyometra when she was carrying her second litter.  She lost the litter and had to be spayed, so her job now is to rule over the household.  She was almost always the most glamorous dog in any obedience ring, but she has retired from that too now that she is completely deaf -- though she is still my best "demo" dog because she does such beautiful obedience with hand signals.

Of the whole crowd, Pippa is my dog more than any other. She never lets me out of her sight. 




Adora -- My beautiful ruby girl.  Six performance titles, and quite a few championship points to boot.  She always showed beautifully, though her two natural gaits when she was younger were the bounce and the twirl.  Alas, she, too, developed pyometra and was spayed before she could finish her championship. 




AKC Ch Roycroft Kenya Camaroon --  A very pretty little girl with wonderful parents, I couldn't resist buying her when she became available. Kenya completed her AKC and International Championships and her first two Rally titles before retiring from the show ring. 

Kenya has not had much success in the whelping box, producing just three living puppies total in four litters.  She is now spayed and retired. She never much cared for showing, so she is enjoying a life of lying on velvet cushions eating bonbons.

If exactly the right home presented itself, Kenya might be available as a pet. Kenya is quite unusual for a Cavalier. She has no desire to travel and, although she enjoys a walk in the park, is always more than happy to come home again. She has no prey drive to speak of and would be happy to hang out near someone in a garden or yard. By "no prey drive," I mean she does not run after cars, other dogs, unfamiliar people, cats, squirrels, rabbits, or birds even when any of the above is right there. She is not particularly playful and mainly wants to be near her person. She is highly food motivated and would be happy to show off her training for cookies. She would be all right with an older, quiet child, but her ideal home would be with a retired person or a couple who do not travel. Although she is not afraid of strangers and is not bothered by people coming and going, she is not interested in socializing with people she doesn't know and would not be a good choice for someone interested in doing therapy or anything of that kind.

Kenya is nearly eight.



Eve -- Look at that topline!  Look at that rear!  Her front is fabulous, too, and, as you'd expect, so is her movement.  Plus she obviously has tons of bone.  Eve is a daughter of Bree, Adora's half-sister, who had one litter.  Eve turned out to be is a fantastic youngster.  She is shown here at 7 months old.

Update:  In just about her first time out, Eve won Best of Breed over Ch. Orchard Hill Tough Enough JW.  Way to go, Eve!

Eve has also finished off Novice and Advanced Rally titles, finishing the second title the same day she won BOB in the conformation ring.  She's smart as a whip.

Eve has gone to a pet home,  but she did pick up her International Championship.  I'm leaving her picture here because she is a great example of excellent structure.


Giedre , Kenya's older daughter, is two years old.  She really seems to have taken after her father, Ch Jayba Pucker Up JW -- she is a stocky, solid girl.  She is also steadier in temperament than her flighty mother and is quite the little lap puppy.

Giedre has perfect proportions, great bone, great angulation, good movement -- basically the whole package except for also having a slight underbite.  Giedre has produced a single puppy, a little son who looks very promising.  However, I will not breed her again.  Giedre has moved to a great pet home where she can be the center of attention.





Honey, Kenya's younger daughter, shown here at four years.  Honey, true to her name, is exceptionally sweet even for a Cavalier; an easy and delightful pet as well as fun to show.

Honey, actually AKC Ch Anara Honeysuckle Rose RN RA, won three  majors out of the puppy classes, then had pick up those annoying single points. She has a couple of cosmetic flaws -- a white sclera in one eye, and obviously that kiss mark on her nose -- but she finished so easily because of her extremely good structure and movement.

Honey never took a decent win photo, but she is the best-structured of all my girls. She fulfilled my hopes in early 2017 by giving me three very nice puppies, all with pretty heads as well as good structure.  Scroll down a bit for a look at Honey's excellent puppies!

Honey is pregnant with her second litter at this time (Sept 2017) and because she does have trouble carrying a litter to term, I may well not attempt to breed her again after this. In that case, she will be available to a pet home late this year or early next year. Honey is a sweet, easy Cavalier with low to moderate prey drive. She loves going for walks in the park but does not need a ton of exercise to be happy. She would want a home with older, quieter children. She loves to play fetch with her people but does not want to compete for toys or attention with higher-drive dogs -- a home where she is the only dog would be good, although she would do fine in a home with one other not-too-playful dog. Honey would be a great choice for therapy work as she enjoys meeting people. She has two Rally titles and would be happy to show off her excellent training, especially if liver treats were involved.

Honey is nearly five.




Ishmael.  Giedre's little son, Ish, has grown into a beautiful dog with a lovely head and a body to match, but at three, his bite is still off a tiny bit.  Despite that cosmetic failing, I hope that he will be a cornerstone of my attempt to breed glamorous, beautiful Cavaliers that live forever.  He also has the sweetest, most accommodating, most easy-going temperament of just about any puppy I've ever bred. He is super-easy to train and show and has his Rally Novice, Advanced, and Excellent titles.





Chloe. This is Fox Creek Demeter, daughter of CKCSC Ch Chantismere Chandos of Valentyne, JW and Kinvaar La Esperanto.

Chloe has proven difficult to breed, as she does not conceive at all easily. It seems fair to stop trying with her and instead place her out into a pet home while she is still young. She is therefore available to a pet home, but she must go to a new home that suits her individual style.

Please take the below description seriously and contact me regarding Chloe only if you feel she would genuinely be a good fit for you.

Chloe is very attached to me and will become very attached to a new owner. She will want to be with you every minute. She will want to lie on your lap or right next to you. She will gaze adoringly into your face. She is a person's dog, not a dog's dog. She is not very playful with other dogs (though she is friendly enough). She will not be happy with the company of another dog for most of the day. She will want your company.

Chloe is very responsive. She has her Rally Novice title and could easily have gone further in performance. She will listen to you and try to please you. Chloe loves to play fetch and will chase a toy and bring it back until your arm falls off.

Chloe has high prey drive. Although very responsive, she will try to chase a car or a squirrel and she will be so excited about it that she will not be able to hear you. She cannot possibly be trusted off-leash except in a secure, fenced yard. She would go right through an electric fence. Do not tell yourself that you will train her to come when called and that she will not need to be on leash. I don't care if you have previously owned a Cavalier who could be trusted behind an electric fence or off leash. So have I. This is not that dog.

Chloe is energetic and excitable. When especially excited, she barks, wails, and yodels. She will make plenty of noise when, for example, you come home from any absence or when you pick up the leash and say "Want to go out?" She will also bark briefly whenever she sees something exciting out the window. She will be quiet on command unless she is too excited, and in fact she is not that noisy overall or when out in the yard, but she will bark when excited.

Chloe is a one-family dog. She is not sociable with strangers either in the house or outside the house. She loves to go to the park, but she does not want strangers to pet her. She would not want to go to your child's soccer game. She would not be suitable as a therapy dog. She will warm up to people, but it takes time.

Chloe has exceptional structure and movement and beautiful eyes. She has an easy-care coat, very short for a Cavalier, the kind of coat that will probably remain manageable even after she is spayed.





Two-thirds of the current show team: Kimmie and Conner. Born early in January 2017, these youngsters are more formally known as Anara Kimberlyn Rose and Anara Konstantine. They both show great promise.

Here the puppies are shown after their first time in the ring at an all-breed AKC show. Kimmie won her first point by taking Best of Opposite Sex over two grand champion girls (!) and then Conner won his first point by taking Best of Winners over Kimmie. I've shown them rather casually, and they're both getting close to their championships, though Conner's a hair ahead of his sister in points right now.

Conner and Kimmie were nearly eight months old in this picture. I'm sure you can tell which is which -- Conner is the big boy and Kimmie the feminine little girl.

They are now almost two and a half and I'm hoping that Kimmie might soon give me a litter of lovely puppies.






My other show puppy, Anara Lavender Rose, Leda, full sister of the above pair, but nine months younger. I wasn't showing her seriously until spring 2019, when she won a major from the 12-18 month puppy class on only her second show weekend. She's quite a nice puppy, with excellent proportions, great movement, and plenty of bone. Handling three at one show is tough, but I'll certainly be showing her more often now.